The Kings of Kings County!! The Pride of Brooklyn!!!

The Brooklyn Gunners Football Club was formed in 2006 under the name Harchester United by English ex-pat Ben Elman. The Team played in the Gotham Soccer League at Pier 40 with a random assortment of players from England, Jamaica, Poland, Colombia, Japan, Germany, Argentina, France and the United States. In the early seasons, the club found success in beating some of the more competitive teams while struggling against much tougher competition in the likes of Eleven United, Brooklyn Red Star and Five Points.

In 2008, assistant manager Geoffrey Colon was given the reigns and recruited Ross Greenberg to become new manager. The two decided to change the name and image of the club as more of its players called the borough of Brooklyn their home base. As two of the larger Arsenal supporters, the "Gunners" nickname only seemed appropriate. Some of the club's top players include goalkeeper Justin Bryant and attacking midfielder Ben Elman. Bryant has played for various clubs including England's Boreham Wood FC of the Isthmian League, the Orlando Lions of the American Soccer League, Dunfermline Athletic of the Scottish Premier League and the Cocoa Expos of the United States Indoor Soccer League. Elman was part of the developmental team for Watford in his native England.

The Gunners take pride in their diversity with players representing various countries including Brazil, England, Nigeria, Argentina, Japan, France, Russia, Guatemala, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Anguilla BWI, Slovakia and the United States. The club currently fields one team in the Gotham Soccer League of New York City. Host a second team starting in the Fall of 2009 in the Cosmopolitian Soccer League.

The Gunners are also the unofficial Arsenal supporters club representing Brooklyn.

The club trains weekly at its home field at Brooklyn Tech in Fort Greene and celebrates after each training session and match at wine bar located in Brooklyn NY.

Players interested in competitive soccer (11 aside, FIFA laws of the game, 10pm weeknight start times) or weekend training, please feel free to contact us through the website. We are always looking to expand the Gunners universe by adding new friends and family to our club.

Manager: Ross Greenberg / Email: